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In view of the recent drug bust of a Calico Rock business involving synthetic marijuana,  Izard County Sheriff Tate Lawrence issued a warming about the harmful effects of yet another synthetic drug, that being cocaine.

Synthetic cocaine is being marketed across the county under several different labels including “Bath Salt”, “Charge”, “Ivory“, “Jewelry Cleaner”, “Ivory Wave“, “White Lightning“, “Hurricane Charles“, “Vanilla Sky” and other labels.  The so called salts are packaged in powder and tablet form.  The product is ingested by snorting, injecting or smoking.  The product causes hallucinations, paranoia, kidney failure, muscle spasms,  loss of bowel control, and even death.   Body temperature after consuming these chemical products often reaches 104 degrees or more. The chemicals  make everything in your body work faster than it is supposed to.  One person made a comparison  to that of putting rocket fuel in a regular car, sending it racing hundreds of time faster than it should, stripping the gears, melting the tires, blowing off the paint, and destroying the whole machine.

Sheriff Lawrence said it all started in 2007 in the United Kingdom and has worked its way to the United States.  The product is mostly found in  head shops and convenience stores .  The product is professionally packaged in small packs about four inches square.  These products were totally banned and  are illegal in Arkansas.  The use of the products is fast growing and is a highly addictive trend.  The product looks like cocaine, but according to sources what it does to you is much worse. Research being done on these products involves pigs, rats, and other rodents.  Test animals often die.

Sheriff Lawrence went on to say that people selling these products that change your brain are not interested in your health and well being.  These folks are only looking to make money any way they can and are not concerned about the deaths that may be the result.

These products are highly addictive and should one get  hooked, terrible results can be expected. Anyone having knowledge that such products are being sold in Izard County should contact the Izard County Sheriff‘s Department.  Your information will be held in  confidence.


News Release

For Immediate Release

February 13, 2012

POC: Sheriff Tate Lawrence

870 368 4203