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Schools in Izard County and most of Arkansas  started this week and it is good to be reminded that school buses will be back on the roads and highways, ,and for drivers be alert to these buses especially when they are stopped loading and unloading students.

 School buses are a very safe mode of transportation for students. The risk of injury and death to students is the greatest while the students are waiting for the bus and when entering and exiting the bus.  Izard County Sheriff Tate Lawrence said drivers should exercise extreme caution when approaching a school bus.  When the yellow lights of a bus are flashing that indicates the bus is about to stop to load or unload students. When see the flashing yellow lights, be prepared to stop. Drivers should also be cautious when approaching school bus stops because students, especially younger ones, may dart into the roadway unexpectedly.

When the red lights of the bus are flashing, that indicates the bus is stopping to load or unload student.  That is the time to stop and wait until the bus lights are deactivated and the bus resumes travel.  As students exit the bus during the stops, drivers should keep their eyes on the students making sure the students don’t dark back into the roadway.

Stopping for a school bus is required regardless of your direction of travel, either approaching the bus from the front or the rear.

The penalty for passing a stopped school is significant.  School buses drivers as asked to call in the license plate number of vehicles that unlawfully pass a stopped school vehicle. Under Arkansas law, there is a presumption that the registered owner is the driver and a warrant will be requested for the arrest of the owner.

Sheriff Tate Lawrence commented that it is  his desire that everyone obey the school bus traffic laws and that each of schools in our county  have a very safe school year. 



News Release

For Immediate Release

August 20, 2012

POC: Sheriff Tate Lawrence

870 368 4203




Note: Picture of school bus provided

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