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Sheriff Tate Lawrence recently announced his intention of establishing a photo gallery of as many of the previous Izard County Sheriffs as possible. The Sheriffs’ Photo Gallery will be located in the main entrance to the sheriff’s office and detention facility in Melbourne. As such Sheriff Lawrence is asking for living sheriffs to send a picture of themselves to Izard County Sheriff’s Department, P.O. Box 370, Melbourne, Arkansas 72556.  It would be nice if the picture is one with the sheriff wearing a badge or a uniform. The picture will be copied to a standardized size and the original will be returned to the sender provided a return address is enclosed with the picture.

Sheriff Lawrence requests that descendants of deceased sheriffs  provide a picture if one is available anywhere. The following is a list of previous sheriffs, now deceased, in the order they served beginning in 1825: John Adams, John Hargrove, Daniel Jeffery, J.A. Harris, D.K. Loyd, Miles Jeffery, S.E. Rossen. S.J. Mason, John Woods, A. Adams, W.J. Cagle, R.L. Landers, J.M. Hinkle, J.S. Roberts, T.J. Williamson, and  D.S. Freeman. Those who  served beginning in 1901 were J.A. Harris, P.A. Billingsley, W.A. ”Boss” Wilson, W.T. Clem, G.R. ”Roll” Sanders, R.J. Estes, D.O. Johnson, J.A. “Jim Butter” Harris, W.E. Billingsley, Van P. Johnson, A.J. Rodman, Lawrence Harber, Jewell Harber, Boyce Cook, Elmer Fudge, C.H. Estes, and Raymond Vaughn.

Sheriff Lawrence said that records he is using has some names listed twice and is not sure if the names are of the same person or a different person with the same name. Records show that R. L. Landers served three different times  beginning in 1869,1879, and 1887; that T.J. Williams served two different times beginning in 1891 and 1897; that D.S. Freeman served two different times beginning in 1895 and 1899; that P.A. Billingsley served two different times beginning in 1905 and 1913; G.R. Landers served   two different times beginning in 1921 and appointed in 1931;that R.J. Estes served two different times beginning in 1925 and 1931 and died in office; and  that D.O. Johnson served two different times beginning in 1927 and 1939. I have personal knowledge that Boyce Cook was elected in 1947 and in 1959. 

Anyone having knowledge of any of the deceased sheriff’s ancestors or having historically significant information regarding any of our past sheriffs is requested to contact Sheriff Tate Lawrence at 870 368 4203. Your help is greatly appreciated as we build this memorial to the past sheriffs of our county.


News Release, For Immediate Release, November 21, 2013, POC: Sheriff Tate Lawrence, 870 368 4203