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 Izard County Sheriff Tate Lawrence said  some 25 million students nationwide began riding school buses this past Monday and according to the National Safety Council and other safety organizations there are some basic safety rules that students should follow to insure that the trip to and from school is a safe and enjoyable part of the school day.

When waiting for the school bus, students should walk to the bus stop using a side walk if one is available; otherwise walk on the left side of the street or road facing the traffic. While at the bus stop, students should stay at the stop and not wander down the road or into a wood area or own private property. Students should not speak to strangers nor get into the road while waiting for the bus. Students should not rough house, run or play while waiting and should wait for the bus to come to a complete stop and the door is open before stepping into the road.

When boarding the school bus, students should hold the handrail, not push nor shove others while boarding and once on the bus should quickly find a seat and quickly sit down.

While riding the bus, students should stay in their seats and if the bus is so equipped, seat belts should be fastened securely. Students should never put their head, hands or arms out of the bus windows. Bus riders should not yell or make other loud noises that could distract the driver. Isles of the bus should not be blocked with backpacks, books or musical instruments. Emergency exits should not be bothered and items should not be thrown at others on the bus or out the widows of the buss.

When getting off the bus, stay in your seat until the bus comes to a complete stop and then walk to the front of the bus using the handrail when exiting. Get off the bus only at your designated stop and once off the bus go directly home without talking to standers. If a student should leave something one the bus, do not go back for it as the driver may not see you and may start the bus in motion.

If you must cross the street when exiting the bus, walk in front of the bus and make sure the driver can see you and wait for the driver to signal you to cross the street. One should make sure to look bother direction before crossing the street. Should you drop something in the street, do not go back for it.

Parents are asked to review these rules with their children as an important part of protecting their children from injuries and accidents. The Izard County Sheriff’s Department wishes for a safe school year for all.


News Release, For Immediate Release, August 25, 2014, POC: Sheriff Lawrence, 8703684203